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NMS (Network Management System)

Injured Worker Network Access

Traditional web based network search tools require routine updates that increase a network manager's workload resulting in delays to updates and a steady decline in reliability. It's a mere inconvenience if an address correction takes days or weeks to be updated, but it is a serious liability for the removal of an abusive provider to take even one day. These monolithic legacy infrastructures cost money and time and can regularly cause costly legal headaches.

The NMS employee access site is the only online provider director that works directly from your network database to eliminate the bottleneck. When you make a change, all search engines (employees, nurses, and adjusters) are instantly updated. Managing updates no longer requires submitting requests or creating load files. Open the provider, make the change, and you're done.

Our philosophy extends to your employees, as well. Injured workers access a simplified, branded site to search for providers, access listings, and find information on accessing care. Real-time updates mean the information they access is always current.

Claims Team network tools

Network performance is dramatically impacted by the managed care team's access to network details. Beyond searching an up-to-date site, team members also need access to care direction details, nomination tools, data correction tools, and provider issue tools.

With flexible user management and comprehensive access rights management, you can provide team members with the ability to help you do your job while at the same time providing powerful tools that make their job easier. Capture team feedback on provider issues, performance, and data updates through a claims team portal that gives team members direct access to powerful editing tools that do the job when needed and do it efficiently.

Customize Existing Networks

Does your existing network need fine-tuning? Harbor NMS makes it easy to load your existing network to efficiently map providers and specialties to your exact geography and population. Learn where you need to recruit new providers and where you can trim the fat.

Integrating Harbor NMS with your current solution can dramatically impact your medical costs without disrupting existing operations and vendors. Whether you are an employer seeking to pair your managed care companies off-the-shelf solution, or a managed care company looking to provide custom solutions for multiple customers, NMS will radically change your costs per transaction.

Manage Multiple PPO and Specialty Network Vendors If you work with multiple PPOs to manage your care delivery system, then you are well aware of the complexity involved in tracking Identities, Bill Review, and network participation. NMS source management features are complete and capable, able to track the status and updates from any number of PPOs and Specialty Networks.