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MD 360

Four-points to finding the best provider

Imagine how efficient and effective your provider system would be if you were able to easily leverage the doctors with the best medical results, those who work well with your team, those who treat the injured worker with respect, and those who are not consistently abusing the billing process.

MD 360 gives you the tools to find these doctors. With our application, you can create custom scorecards based on four critical perspectives: patterns of abuse, outcomes, patient satisfaction, and claims satisfaction. Keeping these measures in balance will ensure that you incentivize doctors to work with the system and not abuse one piece of care to score well in another.

Find and avoid abusive providers

Many providers work within the system and try to comply with billing and care protocols. While many will make mistakes, some have systems that maximize billing revenue to fraudulently take advantage of loopholes, behaviors that dramatically increase your total health care operations costs.

Our abuse pattern score card, built in conjunction with industry leading experts in bill review, analyzes several million lines of bill review data to find the telltale "frequent flier" patterns that zero in on institutional systems for billing abuse.

Help me help you

Does the provider help or hurt your efforts to manage a claim? Are ineffectual providers driving your patients from doctor to doctor in an effort to find a quality resolution?

Satisfaction impacts the workers compensation industry more than any other medical market. Capturing feedback from the claims team on report writing, collaboration, and communication will ensure your team spends less time tracking down information and more time reviewing it. Surveying your patients will ensure your providers are treating them with respect. Employees that feel their clinic is professional and their doctor knows what is wrong and how to treat it will avoid the two largest non-care expenses: litigation and doctor shopping.

Curing the patient is the best outcome

The fastest way to get a patient back to work is to care for their injury in the least number of steps, promoting efficiencies in operation, and rewarding those who play on the winning team. Are you using the best quality doctors and avoiding the low grade providers?

Our statistical analysis application purpose-built to measure claims outcomes will find the providers who are the most effective at healing the patient. Harbor assists you in pulling together the needed claims and case data to measure outcomes and associate providers with good and bad case outcomes. Our summary rankings look at a variety of key factors that measure the patient's recovery and its impact on total claims costs and durations. The result is information that can be put to practical application when looking at a large provider population.