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EMS (Employee Management System)

Zero effort employee notification

A manual notification process burdens your employees, draws on already committed resources, adds program costs that were not budgeted, and provides numerous opportunities for costly mistakes. Harbor has established itself as the leader in the industry because we make notification simple and reliable.

Send us your data through our secure communications channels and you're done. Harbor validates, prints, delivers, tracks and documents every aspect of the Employee Notification Process. When you subscribe to EMS for your notification needs you no longer worry whether your staff has the time to manage the process without making mistakes. We have successfully handled over 800,000 employee notices securely, effectively, and efficiently. Whether you have 100 employees or over 100,000 employees, no other company in the worker's compensation industry has the experience or the tools to make sure your notices are timely, documented and defensible.

Defend your control

If you have ever been challenged on whether an employee was properly notified, you know how easily this challenge can be lost. Lost cases typically cost $10,000 to $30,000 more per claim.

Recent legal cases took away network control simply because notification had not been defensibly documented. EMS reduces the risk of losing control with our revolutionary proprietary printing and audit process. EMS creates and delivers employee materials, tracking each step for on demand access to documentation. Harbor has the best track record in the industry for defending against claimant attorney challenges to proper notification.

Manage Employee Pre-Designation

Can your entire claims team easily access information on pre-designation? Are you confident that all pre-designations are compliant?

Control also requires knowing whether employees designate a personal physician. EMS manages pre-designation acceptance or rejection based on the complicated requirements specific to each state and program. EMS stores all scanned forms and centralizes pre-designation information in one convenient application.

Take the guess work out of keeping employees in network

Are you concerned over whether you can challenge an employee trying to leave your worker's compensation network? Our time-tested solution manages two key elements to maintain control: defensible notification to employees and validated tracking of pre- designation.

At the point of claims management, your team can quickly access our logs on an employee's notification and details on any pre-designation. Getting this information into your team's hand reduces calls to HR for documents and allows adjusters to make timely decisions on approval or denial of out-of-network care. With the right information in hand, case managers know immediately whether an injured employee is under the control of the managed care program.