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Join a revolution in medical networks. . .

Do quality medicine or lowest bidder providers drive your network strategy?

Sophisticated claims organizations increasingly demand outcome-based networks and provider benchmarking solutions as key drivers in the management of medical care.

Harbor Health Systems is leading a revolution in medical networks where customers build and manage a medical system based on quality performance of providers rather than lowest bidder medicine typical to PPOs and HMOs. Our Exclusive Provider Organization (Harbor EPO) provides an outcome-based network ready to implement. We supply the powerful tools, comprehensive software and effective services to help our customers build, implement and optimize custom networks with provider benchmarking and streamlined management. Key services include data management and analysis, employee notification, pre-designation tracking, provider scorecards, and provider contracting and credentialing.

It is our fundamental belief that doctors and other medical professionals, who have exceptional skills in clinical, patient care, and business management, reduce cost of care, complications, and time away from work. Our goal is to identify, network with, and reward such doctors.

Some of our partners and clients include...